2023 waste prevention and reduction program

This program for the prevention and reduction of the amount of waste was developed in accordance with the requirements of emergency ordinance no. 92/2021 on the waste regime, aiming to ensure a high level of protection of the environment and the health of the population by establishing measures to prevent and reduce waste generation.

Waste management refers to the temporary storage, reuse, collection, transport, treatment, recycling and disposal of waste, the main purpose being to save raw materials by reusing recyclable waste, thus helping to reduce the pressure on natural resources.

Environmental protection information 2022

GPV ROMANIA PRODCOM SERV SRL has implemented and certified an integrated quality-environment management system, in accordance with the requirements of SR ISO 14000: 2015

At GPV ROMANIA PRODCOM SERV SRL the pollution prevention and environmental protection is achieved through an appropriate policy that aims at continuous improvement of performance and integration of environmental management in the strategic management of the company, with an emphasis on prevention.

The environmental permit was obtained for the basic activity. The activities carried out are in accordance with the provisions of the authorization and with the legal environmental provisions. For the manufacture of GPV products ROMANIA PRODCOM SERV SRL uses materials that are as environmentally friendly possible.

Obligations to the Environmental Fund are made by submitting monthly statements to the Environmental Fund Administration.

Monitoring of environmental factors required by the environmental permit demonstrates that the emissions are within the permitted limits, which means that the carried out activities have a low impact on the environment, and no sanctions are applied by the control authorities.

In 2022, there were no complaints regarding environmental protection.

General Manager
Emil Andreșan