The demand for wood, paper and other products originating from the forest is constantly growing. Consumers and business partners want to be assured that the products come from responsibly managed sources, so to limit the damage to the environment and local forest-dependent communities.

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) are non-profit organizations that set standards of good practice for the forestry sector, with the aim of promoting environmentally responsible forestry and local communities. Wood products can be labeled as FSC® / PEFC certified if they meet the high standards set by these organizations. In order to be certified, the flow of wood – from the forest district to the consumer – must be monitored in order to prove its origins. This monitored path of the wood material is known as the “chain of custody”.

FSC® & PEFC CoC certification are important because it assures consumers that the company uses raw materials from legally and responsibly managed forest sources.

The long-term goal of SC GPV ROMANIA PRODCOM SERV SRL, as part of the responsible development strategy, is that for the entire quantity purchased and processed at the location in Cluj, for the production and printing of envelopes and paper bags, to come from legal sources and forests that are responsibly managed.

GPV offers its customers FSC® & PEFC certified products and implements and maintains a FSC® & PEFC chain of custody management system. GPV Romania has been FSC® & PEFC certified since 2013.

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