Personalized envelopes are the best option when you want to stand out from the stack of envelopes in your mailbox! We have technical solutions through which we can translate into reality any type of customization imaginable.

Here are some of the features we can juggle:

Print on the envelope

Printed envelopes may have:

  • 1 – 6 colors on the outside, front-back
  • 1 – 3 colors inside
  • We can print, print CMYK or Pantone polychrome, including special colors such as gold, silver, white

Envelope printing can be enriched by embossing, varnishing, or wrapping paper. All these techniques ensure an intense sensory experience, increasing the impact and memorability of communication.

Custom envelopes

Custom envelopes made of special paper can be made, mechanically or manually:

  • from any type of textured or mass-colored paper
  • made of armed paper
  • made of waterproof paper
  • of tracing paper
  • made of kraft paper
  • made of recycled paper
Custom envelopes - envelope printing

Specially shaped windows

The windows are the cutouts in the envelope paper, covered with plastic protective film, perfectly smooth and transparent:

  • it is made with a stamp that respects the graphics of the envelope
  • by placing them strategically in relation to the contents of the envelope, they increase the impact of communication
  • they can be one or more, positioned on both sides and can have any shape
Custom envelopes - special papers

Special papers

For prestige communication, you need envelopes perfectly adapted to the form of sending:

  • custom dimensions
  • one or more bellows
  • tear or moisture resistant paper or board
  • gluing on one or more sides of the envelope