Sediu GPV Romania

GPV Romania is the number 1 manufacturer in Romania of envelopes and postal packaging.

The factory in Cluj-Napoca makes the entire range of envelopes for commercial and administrative correspondence, envelopes for mechanical insertion, envelopes for sending catalogs or other high-volume items and those for protecting fragile items. This is also where the envelopes used in business correspondence or in direct marketing campaigns are printed.

Respecting its objective to offer its customers quality products and services, GPV Romania remains the reliable supplier of postal and direct mail service companies, large stationery distributors, hypermarket networks and its direct customers.

Currently, GPV Romania means over 100 employees, a factory in Cluj-Napoca, with a capacity of over 60 million envelopes per month and commercial offices in Cluj and Bucharest.

  • Modernization of production equipment

    The production machines were modernized with an investment of 1.5 million Euros, by introducing automated tracking and monitoring systems, which led to increased production speed and capacity.

    Among the most important investments are:

    • the NORDSON automatic monitoring system, which allows tracking of the gluing of the side flaps, a system that has led to a significant increase in the quality of envelopes and almost complete elimination of production complaints;
    • transition to magnetic knives, helped us to optain a reduction of time when chaning or adjusting the envelope formats;
    • modernization of the window group, by introducing Buttler-type systems and modifying machines to allow the production of envelopes with 2 windows;
    • introduction of glovebox systems - pneumatically operated one-way bearings;
    • modification of P.I.V. type gearboxes, ensuring the stability of the paper speed throughout the production process;
    • modification of tables for packers to reduce musculoskeletal stress;
    • machines equipped with hydraulic pallet for variable height;
    • qualification of staff, in particular packers for work on all machines;
    • installation of frequency converters, which help to adjust the translation speeds with a simple potentiometer, thus significantly reducing electricity consumption;
    • modernization of the raw material warehouse, it allowed an increased storage capacity, up to 1000 tons of paper
  • Purchase of equipment for the production of shock envelopes

    The shockproof envelope machine was purchased, which allowed the expansion of the product range, thus to increase the production capacity and the turnover.

  • First place diploma in Top Profit Romania

    The company took the first place in Top Profit Romania, domain 1723: Manufacture of office supplies.

    Diploma for participating at Swimathon Cluj

    The company is awarded the diploma for participating in the fundraising contest for community causes, organized by Cluj Community Foundation

  • Integration into the Mayer group

    On November 15, 2012 GPV România becomes part of the largest group of office supplies manufacturers in Europe - Mayer Grup, which owns more than 30 companies in 16 countries, with a production of over 16 billions envelopes annually and a number of over 1.700 by the employees.

  • Diploma of Excellence from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    In November 2005, the company was awarded the diploma of excellence for consecutive nominations for the first 3 places in the top member companies of the Cluj Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the diploma for the II place in the cellulose, paper and paper products - medium-sized business.

  • Opening of the new headquarters in Cluj-Napoca

    Moving the entire activity to the headquarters purchased in Cluj-Napoca, P-ța 1 Mai, no. 4-5. The new space allowed the expansion of the production capacity, the diversification of product range and the arrangement of a storage space of 1700 pallets of finished products. The entire investment translated into a spectacular evolution of production capacity, from 1 million envelopes / month in 1997, to over 60 million envelopes per month.

  • Opening the manual workshop

    In the Manual workshop are performed the final stages of production for atypical envelopes.

  • Opening of the commercial office in Bucharest

    Commercial office establishment in Bucharest.

  • Opening the printing house

    Opening of the printing house, which allows the personalization through various techniques of the envelopes used in commercial and administrative correspondence and in direct marketing campaigns. We can make the most diverse and complex graphics, polychromes and special colors.

  • Founding the company

    Founding of GPV Romania in Cluj-Napoca, opening of the production point, of the commercial office and of the warehouse for finished products, in a rented space on street Orăștiei, no. 10, Cluj-Napoca.