The main warehouse of GPV Romania is situated in Cluj-Napoca, in the same building as the envelope factory.

Our clients in the north-western part of Romania are quickly served out of the 1200 m2 warehouse with a capacity of 1700 pallets. One of two methods is used for this, either the transport vehicles come to the factory, where the goods are loaded by our personnel with the help of specialised equipment or the delivery is undertaken by GPV Romania.

The warehouse in Bucharest has a capacity of 200 pallets and 100 m2, being constantly supplied from Cluj-Napoca to maintain a stable rhythm of delivery to the clients in the southern and north-eastern part of the country.

Deliveries are carried out 24/7 anywhere in the country with our transport vehicles or by jointly agreed courier companies.

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After working with the company GPV Romania can highlight only the positive experiences in professional relationships that we have had and we have continued with this company

Adela Baghiu
Presedinte, Limes Advertising

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