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Changing the perceptions of paper and paper packaging.

GPV Romania - Paper recycling
GPV Romania - Paper recycling

A study from 2021 shows that paper continues to play an important role as a vital communication and packaging material, there is a misconception about the environmental impact of the paper industry.

  • consumers are unaware that Europe’s forests continue to grow. In fact, between 2005 and 2020, European forests grew by 58,390 sqm – an area larger than Switzerland and equivalent to 1,500 forest football fields every day.
  • another common misconception in the paper industry is the amount of recycled paper. In fact, the paper recycling rate in Europe is currently 72%, with that of paper packaging being even higher at 84%.
  • while the comfort and ability of people to work from home are undoubtedly key factors in this change in perception, the negative impact of digital communications on the environment is often overlooked. Paper and printed products are among the smallest emitters of greenhouse gases, accounting for 0.8% of total global greenhouse gas emissions, while the technology and communications industry accounts for 2.5%. 3% of the total and is expected to reach 14% by 2040. Despite this, 66% of consumers surveyed consider electronic communication to be greener than paper communication.

„This report shows that there are many misconceptions about the environment when it comes to printed and paper products, ”said Jonathan Tame, CEO of Two Sides Europe. Many consumers believe that the size of European forests is shrinking, they underestimate the rate of paper recycling and do not understand the sustainable nature of paper products.

Source: FEPE newsletter – Nr. May 9 – 7, 2021

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